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From Belfast Ireland, UK: Johnelse

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JJ Rocks article # 254: From Belfast Ireland, UK: Johnelse

This is a very different kind of article for me as a writer. Most of the time I focus on someone's musical chops or creative abilities. But not this time. This article is about true expression of the heart and experiences in an area that most of us only see on TV, or read about in the newspaper. It's about true life in the military. This is dedicated to Johnelse.

Johnelse is from Belfast Ireland, UK, and shares the same beliefs about freedom as any of us in the US. He is a member of one of our strongest allies and has battled the Taliban and other forms of terrorism just like anyone who is from this side of the great big pond. I feel that sometimes there are a few people out there that forget about our allies and their beliefs and experiences.

Johnelse was deployed for eight of the last 10 years in either the dangers of Iraq, Afghanistan, or help and rescue in the Pakistan earthquake, Tsunamis, and much more . He just retired after 30 years with the USN Seabees, managing construction projects for The Marines, Army, Air Force, Special Forces, Iraqi Army, Afghanistan Army etc. And now he is expressing himself through his songwriting in a way that is right to the point, and as real as it gets.

Johnelse is a shining example that heroes for democracy do not only reside within our shorelines. And that we are not alone in this on going battle against terrorist or anyone else that threatens the words that we all dream of. And that is world peace, and international unity. These are the elements that will not only be there in times of horrific attacks against humanity, but also during the hardships of natural disasters.

So let's all salute a true hero that laid his life on the line many times while many of us were just texting our emotions to each other over the web. And we can do that by first listening to his song The Streets of Hell performed by Rick Kirkpatrick. Then I want you all to sit back and compare your daily lives to the lyrics in his song. If they gave medals for songs, Johnelse deserves one for The Streets of Hell. And with the 10th anniversary of 911 coming soon, I feel that we should all send him our thoughts and appreciation for not only for expressing his experiences through his music, but also for being there for all of us during these hard times. Thank you Johnelse!

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