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From Paris, France: The Simon Zattara band - Music review

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JJ Rocks article # 287:

Music review: The Simon Zattara band

Members: Simon Zattara, Eric Bourg, Pascal Marceillac, and
Lilian Quintanilla.  


Song # 1

In my House:

This song smokes right out of the gate! Performed in a
classic Rockabilly fashion with a boggie woogie groove, 'In my house" not
only stays true to the genre but also tears it up with a guitar solo that jumps
right out and bites you in the ass. Great solo! 


Song # 2

Late at night:

Staying in the same classic vein, "Late at night"
rides on more of a medium tempo but still maintains the fire and flare needed
for this genre. The groove has more of an "in the pocket" feel that
invites dancing and bun shaking for sure!  


Song # 3

Rock n Roll:

This is a party song for sure! Another classic feel that
reminds me of some of my first guitar influences. This one is short and sweet
and right to the point with hot licks and a cool groove. Party on!


Song # 4:

Pretty baby:

At this point it seems like the Simon Zattara Band has found
their home in this ground breaking genre that for some has been shoved under the rug. But this fine band from France has brought it back to life with style and class. Pretty Baby is from the same up tempo classic pre hard rock days when record hops ruled and bobby socks
grooved! Another fine solo with great rhythm tracks. 


Song # 5

I wanna sing:

I love the simple but very cool bass line on this tune that
stays true to tradition. Tons of great guitar. In fact, it's my favorite guitar
track so far! This one rocks with flying fingers and a power packed steady drum
groove. Some of you guitar players out there might want to add this one to your
play list! 


Song # 6

We need some Rock n Roll:

With cool breaks and a very nice drum groove and excellent
snare tone "We need some Rock n Roll" is yet another fine rendition
of the golden era when Rock n Roll was king.  


Song # 7

Daring to dream:

Wow! Just when I was running out of things to say about a
very good but one dimensional sound, along comes "Daring to dream". I
can't believe it's the same band! Now The Simon Zattara Band is expressing a
much cleaner pop sound with great composition and sonics. I can hear this one
on the radio. Great work guys! 


Song # 8

Yellow Prairies:

Yes! Another great direction change for a band that presented
themselves as more of a Rockabilly group in the first six songs. "Yellow
Prairies" has a bit more of a folk rock direction. It contains the
ingredients that make up great songs. Fine composition, mood, musicianship, and
lyrical journeys abound. Really nice!  


Song # 9

What can I say:

A nice smooth acoustic guitar sets the mood for very fine
vocals and melodic content. And with captivating lyrics that lead up to a
climatic and powerful chorus "What can I say" is a winner. 


Song # 10

If you follow me:

What a great last song for this review! "If you follow
me" is a pleasant cross between twangy country and a 70's southern rock
groove. A great sing along chorus with sassy guitar licks throughout creates
the mood for a PARTY! 



The Simon Zattara band first entered my ears as a Rockabilly group. To be honest, even though I love the founding fathers of Rock n Roll, after six songs I was running out of ways to compliment them even though their standards of musical performance did not falter throughout. There are only so many ways to describe a very good Rockabilly band.

But then they took me in a whole new direction after hearing song # 7 "Daring to dream".  I was pleasantly surprised at the difference
in not only the originality of their compositional skills, but also the clarity and adventurism of their recordings. After that the Simon Zattara band journeyed into new territory with sounds including folk rock, country, and even a little Celtic influence. 

I am curious of where their next musical venture will take
us. My arms are wide open!

Here is the link to their music:

 JJ Rocks - The Spotlight Zone