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From Boston, MA, USA: Lance Norris and The Dog Track Gravy

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JJ Rocks article # 255: From Boston, MA, USA: Lance Norris and The Dog Track Gravy

Authenticity and musical preservation are the first words that come to my mind when I hear the song "Drink until you want me" by Lance Norris and The Dog Track Gravy. Upon the shoulders of this kind of sound stands more genres that you can shake a CD at. It's down home, it's from the gut, and there's definitely no frills attached. And along with lyrics that not only humor while still making a direct connection, Lance adds a touch of grit that makes it all so human.

Sometimes bluesy type musicians get too hung up in technique and electronic pedals while forgetting about the origins of most American music. I'm talking about putting communication first, whether it's from the Delta, straight out of the Midwestern plains, or even within a major city. This is music that comes from deep inside someone's soul, then transformed into a language that most of us can recognize. And Lance Norris is an interpreter that stays true to his art and keeps it right in the pocket.

So let's all welcome Lance Norris to our new site that is now only one month old. He is a shining example of someone who goes down his own path and stakes a claim in the land of musical Americana tradition.

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