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From Jamaica: Ernandez

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JJ Rocks article # 256: From Jamaica: Ernandez

Here is some sweet soulful Reggae from a few islands west of us in Jamaica. I can just imagine sitting back in one of our local taxi vans full of people, and the driver cranking up a tune by Ernandez with everybody swaying from side to side with the groove. Her voice expresses true professionalism and expertise with compositions that deliver true authenticity. She is definitely the real deal in reggae music thats combined with a pop flavor, while still exploring the boundaries of her genre. This makes a killer combination that Ernandez delivers with a solid punch.

My personal favorite is "Satisfaction" because of it's catchy hook, great lyrics, and incredible feel. The other songs that she posted are also high quality and adventure into different musical tapestries. This proves that this beautiful singer from the land of Bob Marley also reaches beyond the limits of traditional reggae music. I can only predict that a complete CD of her music would be like a reggae buffet where one can feast on a wide variety of tropical musical delights. And I'm going to be the first in line.

Let's all give Ernandez the credit she deserves by dropping by her profile page and leaving her some comments on her achievements. I know that she would love to hear from her friends on The Spotlight Zone.
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You can check out her music at this link: