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From Fort Worth Texas: Maddie Deneault

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JJ Rocks article # 289:

From Fort Worth Texas: Maddie Deneault

Every once in a while you hear a musical artist that sounds like they should be famous and you ask yourself "why aren't they on the radio?" So on that note, please let me bring your attention to Maddie Deneault!

Her music is top notch Country performed by a vocalist that shines a bright light on every song she sings. She is a musical diamond that is definitely not in the rough, only hidden by clouds of over marketed Country stars with big budgets. But I am confident that in time, as long as she is nailing it to the wall, Maddie Deneault will be high on the charts where she belongs. And her song "She don't play guitar" could be the perfect vehicle to get her there. 

Unfortunately, there is a lot more to being famous then just
being great. Marketing, musical politics, whatever, it's a shame that some of
the best talent doesn't always wind up on top. But with enough persistence I
can see Maddie finding her dreams and at the same time giving Country music a
fresh new sound that is long overdue. Even at the age of 18.

So please stop by her Spotlight Zone profile to listen to all her great songs and show some love for someone who might just be a household name one day. I'm sure after you hear her songs you will feel the same way.

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Here is a link to her profile: