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From Ukraine: Colorfields

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JJ Rocks Article # 290: From Ukraine: Colorfields

Colorfields from Ukraine is one of the finest Rock/Alternative/Progressive bands that I have ever heard. Multi genre influences are everywhere in their songs that are fused together in technical expertise, unlimited adventurism, and top notch production. From the moment I heard "The Sky is a Friend" I knew that new musical ground was being broken. Collectively these fine musical artist do not seem to conform with or give into bland commercial music. In my ears they are staying true to self expression, creativity, and perfection in musical performance. What more could you ask for?

Every musician in this band is excellent in showing not only complete control over their instruments, tone, and delivery, but also in vocal emotion and perfection. I love how the lead singer displays her chops with a mix between gutsy R+B and unique vocal explorations. The bottom line is that these high level musicians are true innovators not bound by any particular genre. They are true to themselves and the music they create.

Please stop by their profile page and send some love to Maryn on lyrics and vocals, Alex on music and guitars, Kos on drums and percussion, and Serg on guitar and keyboards. I'm sure that anyone who puts finding their real selves in music before giving into the current sonic fads will love Colorfields from Ukraine.

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