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From Thailand: Kirk Mazzia

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JJ Rocks article # 291: From Thailand: Kirk Mazzia

Sometimes when it comes to Punk Rock, many artist in other genres just downright blow it off as just simple music played by some very pissed off people. But just like forms of visual art, it's all in your perception. And those who love this style of music will find themselves right at home with Kirk Mazzia.

 I haven't heard punk with an attitude combined with down to earth creativity, tightness, and a little bit of humor for many moons. And his first song on our Spotlight Zone Punk charts "Dumpster Baby" not only raises the bar on this genre, but it cracks me up at the same time! What a great combination! Hard core Punk, funny lyrics, tight ass music, and not trying to conform to the Pop charts, is obviously what Kirk was trying to express in this song.

Kirk posted songs in a few different genres. And I know as fellow independent musicians you will check a few out. But in my opinion, at this time, he should play his high card. I say that because I know of many independent artist that are trying to speak in many musical languages at one time and just don't connect to any one group of listeners (that is the musicians who are interested in public success). But if Kirk sticks to one thing at a time, he might just break new ground in a genre that most people thought was lost. And this writers bet is on "Dumpster Baby". Punk out!

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Here is a link to his music. Stop on by and show some love for a fellow independent musician doing his own thing.