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From Boston Ma, USA: Plank

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JJ Rocks article # 257: From Boston Ma, USA: Plank

For all you traditional hard rock lovers out there, I have only one thing to say. Grab hold of your seats because Plank is in the house! This powerful driving rock band from Boston, Ma, USA has all the elements needed to keep their musical direction alive and well. Having creative elements while still staying within the boundary lines of their genre creates the perfect meeting of two musical worlds. One that spells adventure, and another that nails your ass to the wall.

With guitar playing that jumps right out of my speakers and vocals that grab you in the gut, Plank not only represents the rock sound that many people grew up on, but they also display a professional level that every up and coming basement rock band dreams about. And what about that drummer and bass player! That will tighten up the rock shoe strings on your tapping foot!

Plank is another one of our bands that display the quality we look for in any genre. What I mean is to be inventive while still respecting the shoulders you stand on, making a real connection to the people who love their kind of music, and most of all, directing a bright light to shine down on their chosen path.

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