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From Kyiv, Ukraine: Julia Kotova

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 JJ Rocks article # 294: From Kyiv, Ukraine: Julia Kotova

If there is a true definition of the music genre "World", it would be displaying sounds and techniques that reflect a collection of many influences and styles played internationally, and not just what your favorite band is playing at the local bar. This approach is a collection of global music based on traditional sounds combined with new ideas that represent many countries. It's based solely on artistic expression  with no connection to "Pop", fame, and greed. And having the ability to cook it all down into your own original recipe while paying respect to it's origins is a true art form. This article is about someone who has all the talent and musical ingredients to make it happen. Her name is Julia Kotova From Kyiv, Ukraine.

Julia along with her incredible group of musicians display many styles of playing including Bulgarian, Indian, Armenian, Polish, Turkish, Iranian, and English. This kind of versatility and musical perfection is a rare catch in a world of millions of independent musicians who are trying to wave their own flag. But it's the great sonic experiences executed with the highest level of musical technique that keeps this writer searching for some of the world's best undiscovered musical talent. And in the World Music genre I just found a goldmine for the ears. I heard Julia Kotova.

The first thing that drew my attention was that each song had the name of a different country next to it. Then as I listened close I could hear a great versatility that took me on a musical tour through many sounds that I heard growing up, but never knew where they came from. So my hat is respectfully off to:

Julia Kotova - vocals
Olena Bugaeva - bass
Oleg Kutsenko - guitar
Dmytro Andreev - drums
Pavlo Frumin - violin
Maxim Kucheryavy - flute
Vitaly Klochak - percussion (he is not present on the photos and videos, but can be heard on the recordings).

I can only hope that one day independent musicians will overcome the power of the greedy major label machines and everything will just boil down to who is the best in the public eye. If it does, Julia Kotova just might become a household name in the genre of World music.

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You can hear her music at this link:

Here is a world map of her music: