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From Warrenton, VA, USA: Bryan Gorsira

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JJ Rocks article # 259: From Warrenton, VA, USA: Bryan Gorsira

I consider Bryan Gorsira to be a musician who has all the right ingredients while still maintaining a balance between musical talent, and lyrical adventurism. His down to earth precise vocals shine within his bluesy song "where have you been" and then continues on a lyrical journey that takes you into many musical moods throughout his set. If I may simplify, he makes real people music about normal everyday situations. But he still does it with just the right amount of original flare and compositional expertise.

As I listen to his entire set on The Spotlight Zone, I sense a man with many feelings expressing them from a musical palate of multi colors. His emotions are communicated through textures that range from gutsy blues to sensitive rock ballads and beyond. And his performances and productions are top shelf. So please take a moment to stop by and say hi to Bryan Gorsira by simply typing his name in the search bar. Let's all show him just how human and loving all The Spotlight Zone members can be! If you ever have an article written about your music, I know you would want the same thing.

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