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From Dorchester, MA, USA: Lproduct

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JJ Rocks article # 260: From Dorchester, MA, USA: Lproduct

This the first article I have ever written about a musical artist that only had one song posted on our site. But when it comes to musical quality overcoming song list quantity, Lproduct from Dorchester, Ma, United States is a shining example.

I have to admit, when it comes to Hip Hop/Rap, sometimes I think our freedom of speech is taken for granted. That's just my opinion. I just can't sit here and write about someone's music that contains words that are cool for one race to use, and taboo for another. Not to mention every bad tasting word in the book. They have awards shows for that and jewelers that are running out of gold neck trinkets. But this is not the case with Lproduct. He is sending a message that is so important for the youth of our county to understand, it should trump any political news or even the sadness of disasters.

Politics is a game of fame. Disasters are God made. But young people shooting each other and causing so much heartbreak is one of our planets best examples of total ignorance. And Lproduct has taken a stand through his song "PUT THA GUNZ DOWN"
to try to educate, and even down right scare people from using gun violence. My hat is off to this brave young man.

Musically speaking, his tracks are tight and very professional. And his vocals display a wide variety of rhythmic exploration. Lproduct is not just someone delivering a message through a popular genre, he is the whole package. Please stop by his profile on The Spotlight Zone and thank him for trying to stop gun violence through a display of tasteful Musicianship.

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Please stop by his profile to check him out!