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From Scranton, PA, USA: Para-Dice Jackson

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JJ Rocks article # 262: From Scranton, PA, USA: Para-Dice Jackson

This woman definitely knows what she is singing about! She "tells it like it is" when it comes to a one time affair and holds nothing back. And performed in her Hip Hop genre, Para-Dice Jackson who was originally an island girl from Trinidad and Tobago, nails it to the wall with her song "One time". And of course Dorothy who is from the same tropical paradise is in the back while I'm writing this article waving her arms in the air saying "go girl!". Maybe it's just a girl thing! But one thing I do know as a writer for independent musicians, Para-Dice Jackson knew what she wanted in this song long before it was ever recorded. And from my perspective, that would be honesty through down to earth lyrics that tell it like it is, vocal excellence within her chosen genre, and a nail your ass to the wall groove!

As I sit and listen to her song, I think back to the days when I was growing up and realize just how much women have achieved when it comes to "in your face" truthful lyrics. And I salute them for being so honest about their feelings in public. So I guess I see Para-Dice Jackson as a spokesperson for things that many women, even today, will still shy away from expressing. Just listen to her song "One time" and imagine all the men out there with their mouths wide open in shock. This is true expression. This is no holds barred. This is Para-Dice Jackson!

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