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From Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil: Alex Guedes

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JJ Rocks article # 263: From Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil: Alex Guedes

This musician is like Latin mixed with the most soul you can imagine. He is a great musician and astonishing vocalist that sets the goal of being high quality as a minimum. This musician's name is Alex Guedes, and he is from Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.

With overtones of Stevie Wonder and George Benson, Alex Guedes tops it off by not only honoring his native language within the lyrics, but by also displaying musicianship that generates great grooves, very melodic content, and smooth arrangements. What we have here is a marriage between Latin and soul that is made from pure musical talent delivered by an incredible voice. It's this kind of quality and international flare that inspired me to create this site. And Alex Guedes makes me glad that I did.

Alex has a great collection of songs on his profile, and they show off his musical abilities in an array of feels and moods and never stray from his high level of musicianship. If you are into any kind of Latin music you definitely want to add Alex Guedes to your playlist and stop by his profile and show some love. You will be glad that you did!

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