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From San Francisco, USA: Ratchet

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JJ Rocks article # 264: From San Francisco, USA: Ratchet

Now here is a band that will push you back in your seat! They are called Ratchet and they are from the San Francisco bay area. To me, they are a great combination of alternative rock and Metal. Swaying from one style to another within the same song and driving it with a "balls to the wall energy", Ratchet will have you holding your breath at times out of sheer numbness as their waves of sonic energy pass like a musical tsunami.

With incredible vocals and solid musicianship, Ratchet has a sound that kicks ass and leaves a deep impression. They represent an ongoing desire that many new bands have by combining genres and creating a palate of many colors and textures. And with their inventive formulas and driving emotional content, they will leave you wanting more with every play of their songs.

So please take a few moments and check out this powerful band and show them some love! We all support each other on this site and it's the best way to promote your fellow members.

Dorothy and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and please keep supporting your friends on The Spotlight Zone!
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You can hear them at this link: