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From Baltimore Maryland, USA: Buzz Conway

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JJ Rocks article # 266: From Baltimore Maryland, USA: Buzz Conway

Great tone and phasing is an understatement when it comes to Buzz (Joe) Conway from Baltimore Maryland. As far as flute and trumpet he is in the top ranks of anyone I have ever heard. He displays everything from tasteful melodic lines to high level cascading arpeggios, scales, and all other technical aspects of his instruments. And when you combine those musical elements within a classic jazz tune or any other genre that Buzz chooses, you wind up with a musical feast for the ears.

Buzz Conway is a very "in demand" musician in the Maryland/DC area and has played with one of the best and highest paid show bands in history called "The Admirals". They always played the classiest rooms up and down the east coast of the US and Canada. He has also done many other musical projects, some of which were very different for his instrumental expertise. But his chops still shine in any project he encounters. And to this day, music veteran Buzz Conway waves his flag high as other musicians call upon his talents for recording, live shows, lessons, or just adding him to their playlist online. He is the kind of top shelf musician that generates the power that keeps this site alive.

And as he now joins the other great players and composers on The Spotlight Zone, we want you to show him some love by visiting his page at the link below. And if you need the best player on trumpet and flute on your recordings, Buzz Conway is the man. Just give him a shout.

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You can hear Buzz Conway at this link: