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From Texarkana, Texas, USA: Roy Harris

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JJ Rocks article # 267: From Texarkana, Texas, USA

This article is about a very cool musician and songwriter named Roy Harris. His music not only displays excellence in composition with top notch heartfelt country, Gospel, and comedy lyrics, but also in his ability as a very authentic "down home" style vocalist.

His lyrical stories keep your ears glued to the speakers as he shifts from one of his genres to another. And his songs feature killer back up musicians and great arrangements delivered in sonic packages that rival any mastered mix on the market. As I listened to "My GPS is set for Heaven" and his other songs here on The Spotlight Zone, I read that he wants other people to sing his compositions. But then I realized that it's Roy Harris who just needs some airplay! I can close my eyes and just imagine him on a country or Gospel radio station coming across the airwaves and connecting with so many people, not only in the USA, but worldwide. It's just a matter of him being heard.

If you are looking for some very good country/Gospel music to record in the studio, Roy is looking for you! Check out his profile for the information about how to get a Roy Harris song for your very own to record! I'm sure that there are many musical artist around the world who are into his genres just waiting for the right song. Check him out!

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