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From Smyrna, Georgia, USA: D. joneZ

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JJ Rocks article # 268: From Smyrna, Georgia, USA: D. joneZ

Bottom line: D. joneZ from Smyrna, Georgia, USA rates with some of the highest quality performers that have not only graced the pages of this very new site The Spotlight Zone, but also our previous site St. Croix Music Magazine that was read in 74 countries. His performance and song writing are second to none and anyone that knows greatness in music instead of just trying to bury themselves in their own genres, will agree.

As I sit and listen to my favorite song from D. joneZ called "All time High" from the Gospel section of his genres, it takes me back to my favorite R+B group of my youth Earth Wind and Fire. His perfection in lead vocals, harmonies, arrangements and grooves leave quite an impression on any listener who only settles for the best. And when you add the element of praise, well, it just doesn't get any better.

Please stop by his profile and show some love! By now you all should know that my articles are not about choice in genres, but in excellence. Some bands and solo artists that want articles may not agree. I'm not concerned with that. What matters to me is that I know that other musicians that produce the same musical quality will welcome him with open arms.

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PS: You can hear D. joneZ at this link: