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From Greensboro, North Carolina, USA: Flattened Squirrels

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JJ Rocks article # 270: From Greensboro, North Carolina, USA: Flattened Squirrels

Humor, varied genres, top grade musicianship, great vocals, and strong country/blues roots are just the first things that come to mind as I start this article on a band from Greensboro, North Carolina, USA called Flattened Squirrels. At first I thought they were a comedy band, but as I listened to more of their music, I realized that even though things stayed in a light hearted venue, they were also using their talents to display a wide variety of moods and situations. Some tunes are very funny, while others leaned more towards the normal ups and downs of everyday life. Many country bands may do that, but they don't perform it in a way that spreads across several genres. This very cool band has it covered.

Musically speaking, I immediately could hear that Flattened Squirrels were great players and singers! Usually bands that lean in their direction are totally lyrically based with not much in the instrumental, or even the vocal department. These guys have just the right balance to gain the attention of not only the people who get pulled in by the words of a song, but they also show a high level of respect to their chops and musical expertise. They are without a doubt, great musicians. They just happen to also have a great sense of humor. It even shows in their name!

Please stop by their page and show some love on their songs and talents. Get to know them and drop them a line once in a while. That's what The Spotlight Zone is all about. Real everyday people and music. Not just stats. And Flattened Squirrels are definitely real everyday people, and it shows in their music.
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You can hear them at this link: