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From Newport, NY, United States: Rebecca Jane Woodul

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JJ Rocks article # 271: From Newport, NY, USA: Rebecca Jane Woodul

This is where simplicity meets perfection in a marriage of heartfelt lyrics and the most basic of background instrumentation. And with a voice as natural as a warm sunrise, Rebecca Jane Woodul displays a perfect example of total musical independence while allowing the bright lights of her true vocal and compositional talents to shine through.
Without any complications or evidence of trying to be the worlds next great music star, her original and real life formula just may put her in the right direction.

I was absolutely captivated by the uncluttered approach and deliverance of her songs and arrangements that went right to the heart, especially "Big things waiting". I say that because it's my favorite from the collection that she uploaded to The Spotlight Zone. But all the tunes that she showcased on this site show the same true blue and modestly produced efforts that display a very direct connection to the human spirit. And of course without all the usual frills and window dressings, Rebecca Jane Woodul stands on her own musical ground. And that is one of the highest compliments that I can give to an independent artists.

Please visit her link below and show some love to a fellow Spotlight Zone member that truly deserves credit when it comes to being an indie artist.
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