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From Chicago, Illinois, USA: PJ's My Cousin Too

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JJ Rocks article # 272: From Chicago, Illinois: PJ's My Cousin Too

Simplicity and originality meet head on when it comes to this very dynamic rock band from Chicago Illinois. They are, of all the band names you can think of, "PJ's My Cousin Too". How cool is that?

Even though they have all the right musical ingredients, are solid, and of course "ROCK", it's the melodic dance with the simple but creative Rock background that grabbed my attention. At first I was like "OK, I hear this kind of stuff everyday". Then I noticed a unique interplay with their melodic and harmonic ingredients that made them sound much more original than many of the Rock bands that we hear on this site. Then I listened several times and liked them more with every play and said "these guys need an article". My staff agreed.

Along with cool vocals and solid instrumentation that were a perfect match for the great lyrics to their one and only song that they posted called "Let it Out", PJ's My Cousin Too is a breath of fresh Rock and Roll air and we just have to hear more of!
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Please stop by and show them your love at the link below. I know these guys would love it!