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From Madagascar: Rolf Razza

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JJ Rocks Article # 273: From Madagascar: Rolf Razza

Rolf Razza from Madagascar truly represents the most important element of what makes up our site "The Spotlight Zone". And as you all know, we are not about what's "in fashion", but only promote those who are great in their genre, or "genres" that they are representing through their music. Now if you add the fact that the international flavor of this site seems to bring us all a little closer together, and throw in a lot of "yeah, we like people that play and sing their asses off", then this man and his fellow musicians are truly masters.

Rolf seems to have many different musical influences, but don't we all? He is a great bass player, but again, so many of you fit that same description. But how many people out there have their very own unique musical recipe, while still displaying incredible musicianship? I know that Rolf Razza does. And that's why I'm writing this article. He is a master of his art. Bottom line.

So lay down your genre barriers and experience the highest quality of a mix of adventurous musicianship, and true roots dedication. And I still don't know much about them because their bio is in their native language. If I knew the singers name in the song "Miesora Moa" which is my favorite, I would surely post it. I also hear great funk, African sounds, and Dorothy say's she hears some Indian influences. Rolf Razza is a musical chef when it comes to cooking up just what your ears want to hear after a long day of top 40 radio and you need to listen to a higher level of musical expertise.
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You can hear Rolf and his band at this link: