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From Chatham, ON, Canada: Dani Robert

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JJ Rocks Article # 274: From Chatham, ON, Canada: Danielle Robert

Dani Robert seems to be right at home with a natural approach to expressing her artistic abilities. There are no complex arrangements cluttered by unnecessary accompaniments. That doesn't mean that instrumental backgrounds are any less than great. It's just that she, in my opinion, is searching for her true musical self without all the window dressings. And as most of you will agree, along with her beautiful voice, she found it.

Obviously, without concern for the everyday radio addict, Canadian Dani Robert shows her identity through simple, but adventurous and very creative songs. With her musical independence and free expression, I would think that she would be in another genre rather than "Pop". Listen to "Washing Machine" and tell me what you think. But genres are just titles. It's her music that matters.

With a piano style sometimes being reminiscent of a 1950's Honky Tonk, Dani cuts right to the chase while taking you on musical and lyrical journeys that are as unexpected as they are professionally performed. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.
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You can check out Danielle's music at this link. Show some love!