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From North Carolina, USA: Anjuli Dawn

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JJ Rocks Article # 25: From North Carolina, USA: Anjuli Dawn

Along time ago I heard someone say that there are several routes to musical success, but the one that they preferred was the adventurous journey of being recognizable, while being unique at the same time. Its like giving the people what they want and expressing your originality in the same package. Well readers, the artist that Im presenting to you in this article has that hard to find balance all wrapped up and waiting for you to discover. This artist is Anjuli Dawn.

Radiating her talents all the way from Rochester, Michigan and reaching this website in the Caribbean, she has given us a reason to add another star with her name on it to our flag of musical independence. One that we wave every time as we discover someone who shows great talent and original musical abilities while standing on their own feet in a world over run by record company slaves. She is doing a wonderful job promoting and presenting her music in a very professional manner while maintaining a high level of musical achievements.

I was very impressed when I heard the CD that she sent us. I can hear several influences that stand out. Now its not my style as a writer to compare our artist with others, but I will say that she must have listened to Joni Mitchell, Celtic instrumental music, and some of the modern day Alternative female singers. Im also guessing that she puts a lot of thought into the recording of not only her voice, but the selection of acoustic instruments on these fine songs. Along with her own talents on guitar, bouzouki, and mandolin, she incorporates the well voiced piano playing of her Brother Jesse Elder who is a jazz musician. A few of the recordings even include a string section that adds a worldly flavor and sophistication to a musical bed that gracefully carries her silky smooth voice. Her guitar playing seems to cascade through a waterfall of flowing original melodies powered by a river of endless uplifting vocals, while her lyrics take you on journeys through an emotional spectrum of joys and sorrows, insights and outlooks on the world around her.

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