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From Australia: Genevieve Donaldson

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JJ Rocks Article # 26: From Australia: Genevieve Donaldson
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 5, February, 2007
Country music often ventures down avenues that take it away from the image that was originally perceived by its listeners and followers. Weve all heard songs claim to be Country but sound like a blues rock band whose singer just happens to have a twang to his (or her) voice. And most of the so called pop crossovers do exactly what their title implies. They cross over totally to the other side. Well, this writer can finally write about someone who he feels does a wonderful job of being adventurous while still staying with inside the modern country city limits. This is an artist that manages to paint a picture of a country landscape while maintaining a current and up to date perspective on her songwriting, arrangements and strength of her hooks. This is an artist called Genevieve Donaldson.

Coming from the beautiful country of Australia, Genevieve has a background in various styles of music but found her way into the Country genre by first being influenced by Allison Krauss. I was moping around watching cable, and found this bluegrass concert, she says. That bluegrass concert, (an Alison Krauss and Union Station concert on
MusicMax), changed everything. I'd been thinking about Country for a while, my folks had a lot of American Country records that they loved, but I didn't know much about it. After seeing that concert though, I was enthused. I had to try it out, had to learn more, had to sing it. I couldn't keep away".

So Genevieve started to write and record country songs that carried her own brand. Her endeavourers paid off with several awards for her compositions, including the song The little things which we are featuring as her free download this month. I really feel that this song is strong and could be a hit! It also won her honors in The great American song contest and thats a nice achievement. But I feel that contest or no contest, this song stands on its own two feet and has the potential of being very successful! Now Im sure after hearing her you will want to visit her website and hear more of her music. You can contact her though her listing in our Bands link at the top of the columns on our homepage.

So welcome to our family of featured bands Genevieve, and believe me, you are among great company because we only choose artist that we feel have as much talent as any well known performers out there today. Please keep us informed of any new recordings that you are doing so we can tell all our readers about it in our up coming newsletter!

So if anyone out there wants to hear someone thats as good as any Nashville Star, make sure that you listen to Genevieve Donaldson.

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