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From Lebanon: Iwan

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JJ Rocks Article # 27: From Lebanon: Iwan
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 5, February, 2007
This is one of those articles that only come along once in a great while. Artist like this man are not only an important part of our international image, but they also define talent in a whole new light. And this particular artist is displaying his abilities through a venue and a language that many of us are not used to hearing. This allows to some, only his true musicianship to shine without having listeners compare him with other bands or singers. I have played his music for my students and friends and they all seemed to immediately admire his musical craftsmanship, even though most of them never heard anything like it before. This unique (to most of our readers) and talented individual goes by the name of Iwan and he is from Lebanon.

After researching him on the net I still had a hard time getting a little bio on his life, but thats ok because we are not really a bio kind of magazine. We only try to point out someones talents and occasionally throw in a little background. And when you have as much talent as Iwan, his personal musical history is not a priority. Hes that good.

I was first taken away by the arrangement in the intro of the song that we are featuring, but when he started to sing I was blown away. Iwan is a true star waiting to be discovered. He has the voice and looks that are usually associated with famous recording artist. And to top that off he is singing in Arabic, which Im hoping shines a fresh light on his culture.

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