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From Switzerland: The bow triplets

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JJ Rocks Article # 32: From Switzerland: The bow triplets

Many people dont realize that much of the music that they listen to finds its roots in Irish - Celtic music. Artist like U2, The Dixie Chicks, Joni Mitchell, and even progressive bands like Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and Gentle Giant have all been influenced by this very old and much respected style of music. But only a few artists are dedicated to preserving it in its original acoustical format while at the same time mixing traditional songs with new compositions. And the band that we are featuring in this article does just that. A band based out of Switzerland called The Bow Triplets.

With the heartiness of an authentic Irish pub band, and the intonation and technical precision of a symphony orchestra, the Bow Triplets present a sound that has familiar warmth combined with an intellectual stature that creates the recipe for an incredible listening experience. And their newest release Fair Play to You is yet another demonstration of their ability to prepare a feast of Celtic authenticity composed to please your musical taste buds. Featuring Brendan Wade from Ireland, Stef Sigfalk from Sweden, Heidi Sigfalk from Germany, Andreas Aeppli from Switzerland and guest musician Joe Eisenburger from Germany, they have a sound thats worthy of an appearance at Carnegie Hall and all the respect that goes with it.

We here at TSZ are pushing out our chest with pride to be able to present this wonderful group of musicians to you! This band in combination with all our other featured bands represent the level of quality and international awareness that we try to stay focused on. And a band like The Bow Triplets helps us set and preserve the standards that other bands have to reach to be featured in one of our articles.

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