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From Sicily: Gino Foti

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JJ Rocks Article # 33: From Sicily: Gino Foti

When ever I get to write about an artist that creates World Fusion music I get a sense of feeling so adventurous that I feel like a teenager that just got his drivers license. I guess what Im trying to say is that Im not bound by describing a particular genre, because to me this is a style of music that has no one direction to be labeled. It has more to do with having total creativity without being tied into any type of commercial game plan, while still maintaining a framework of artistic achievement blended with a logical musical flow that doesnt demand a trained ear to appreciate it. Put simply, its a great way to show your qualities as a musician, incorporate international flavors, and still get the attention of the every day listener. Oh yeah, I left out the best part. Its timeless. And in this case, its Gino Foti.

Gino is an incredible bassist from Messina, Sicily and is a musician that creates musical journeys that take you to places not discovered by the average pop song. Not that one outweighs the other, but like anything that reaches your musical palate, its just a matter of taste. And for those of you that want to feast on a higher level of instrumental virtuosity and global musical awareness, Gino Foti is the ticket.

Since Im a lover of the fretless bass, Im very aware of the demands on intonation when it comes to playing this fine instrument. I say this because I know of several fretless players that have great chops and phasing, but play out of tune notes every few measures. That drives me nuts. But this is not the case with Gino. Whether hes playing a simple melody or a cascade of bebop type phrases, his pitch is dead on. Now of course, thats just the technical side of his bass playing, not his compositional skills. With that subject in mind, I could write a whole other page. So Ill leave it to you the listener to discover the incredible balance between his song writing skills, and his very polished chops.

So lets all welcome Gino Foti to our list of very respected featured musical artist by visiting him via his link below.

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