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From Spain: Moondo

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JJ Rocks Article # 36: From Spain: Moondo
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 7, April, 2007
There are many bands that fuse several styles of music together to create a world sound to their music. But the band in this article is much like a musical melting pot of many styles, cultures, instruments and time periods. As a matter of fact up to now, this is the most musically diverse and internationally colorful band that we have had the pleasure to write about. Along with their instrumental versatility, many textures and musical flavors, they also display a very respectable amount of professional precision in their performance. This band is called Moondo.

Hailing from Girona, Spain, they were founded in the spring of 2000 as an experimental forum open to musicians of all styles. Blending Mediterranean and Oriental music with jazz, funk, and other modern styles, Moondos music is a perfect blend between traditional acoustic instruments and modern electric sounds. This enables them to cook up a musical recipe that would be perfect to launch into space on a voyager that was intended to display earths musical unity to anyone in the universe who discovers it.

The fine musicians that make up this wonderful band are:
Dani Ibanez: sitar, baglama, oud, guitar, vocals and electronic effects.
Jordi Pares: keyboards, harmonium, bansuri, xeremies, didjeridoo, and vocals.
Manel Vega: bass and double bass.
Aniol Casadevall: tablas, congas, and other percussion.
Angel Abad: drums.
Jordi Vidal: DJ and video jockey:
And special contributions from Silvia Perez on vocals and the percussion ensemble Tactequete

Moondo has two albums published and they have offered our readers a taste of their second release Trampa for mp3 download.

So thank you Moondo for giving us some very fresh and international sounding music. And we welcome you to our family of featured artist from around the world! Your article will always be here in our magazines March 2007 issue and your URL will remain in our bands column so our readers can visit your web site. We feel that your musical independence and international flavor represents what St. Croix Music Magazine stands for and we are proud to have you aboard!

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