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From India: kiranz and Arathi Menon

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JJ Rocks Articls # 37: From India: kiranz and Arathi Menon
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 7, April, 2007
This is a special Spotlight Zone column because its not only about two great singers from India, but the fact that even though they are singing an incredible duet on a traditional Indian song, they have never met. They contacted each other on line and exchanged the background music for the songs that they sang. Each singer sang their part and then e mailed the tracks to each other. And they did all this without ever meeting. This sounds like a musical love story in reverse.

Usually, two singers will meet and then become friends (and sometimes more) and then record together and get noticed by a record company or a music publication. But in this case they got the attention of a music magazine by having their incredible voices on the web, but they have never even seen each other in person. And by the way that they relate to each other through their music you could easily imagine a love story in the making. But to be truthful, they might both be happily married and just sing together on line. But you got to admit, seeing on how Im a writer you can understand me using my imagination a little. I hope that Im not causing any waves but after you hear them sing together, and along with knowing how it happened, you could probably imagine the same thing as I have.

Kiranz (the male singer) is from Siemens, Bangalore India. He says that he is not a hard core musician but enjoys singing and recording in his home studio. Arathi Menon (the female singer) is also a great singer and as of now we dont know very much about her. But I can say one thing that I do know. I hear more Indian music in our house in one day than most people hear in a lifetime (excluding Indian people of course). Thats because Dorothy is a West Indian from Trinidad and has one of the most extensive collections of Indian music on the island. So when I heard these wonderful singers that I am writing about, I knew that they were the real deal. And I dont mean that because of there authentic traditional sound. I mean that they are just great singers with pitch thats dead on and emotions that are very heart felt.

Well, I guess that this proves at least one point. It doesnt matter to us if your band (or solo act) has sold tons of songs, is high on the charts, or has an incredible bio and has been playing for many years. We here at St. Croix Music Magazine only feature artist that we feel have great talent. Your band could have just got together last month, but if you are very good or very original (or both) then you have our attention. So, on that note we want to welcome Kiranz and Arathi Menon to our family of featured artist and say that you both are certainly helping us keep up our level of standards when it comes to the talent that we write about. Peace to you both!

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