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From Argentina: Daniel Canueto

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JJ Rocks Article # 42: From Argentina: Daniel Canueto
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 8, May, 2007
Now here is an article which helps define the true meaning of what this magazine is about. And that is to try to bring together many nations through their music while having them all meet on this tiny little island in the Caribbean, even if it is only through the internet. Its a total learning experience for all who arrive at this site because not only do they discover our beautiful island, but they learn from each others musical contributions. Some of these musical gifts to our magazine represent current sounds in todays music scene while others like the musician in this article are representing the traditional sounds and history of their country. And in this case the country is Argentina and the musician is Daniel Cañueto.

The key word here is authenticity. The song that Daniel sent us sounds like it came from the deep roots of Argentine folk music and it paints many colorful pictures in my imagination of everything from Zorro to the Cisco kid. When I listen and close my eyes I can see Spanish speaking cowboys riding up to a cantina after a hard day on the range and singing up a storm and having a hoot of a time. And even though I dont speak Spanish very well I can still feel the energy coming from the singers, guitars and violin as they capture the essence of old Argentina.

The musical offering that Daniel sent for our readers features him and his band playing a song called Pista 2. He also writes songs in many genres including tango, boleros, blues, ballads and even reggae. The song that we are featuring in this issue really captures what we feel is a true representation of authentic Argentine history. And Daniel Cañueto does a great job of preserving it.

We are so happy that Daniel Cañueto has become a member of our constantly growing musical family. His contact and web site information will remain in our bands column and his article will always be in this issue. And we thank him for helping us to keep an international aura, variety, and flavor to St. Croix Music Magazine.

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