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From Pennsylvania, USA: The Skyla Burrell Blues Band

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JJ Rocks Article # 46:
From Pennsylvania, USA: The Skyla Burrell Blues Band

Wake up people! The cool blues just walked in! And its coming from a hot band from Pennsylvania, USA that has a tight sound and a lot of soul. Hailing from the land of the brave and the home of the blues, they have an authenticity to their sound that doesnt sway to a pop side that can usually ruin any attempt at being a good blues band. And with a female vocalist whose voice jumps out and grabs you by the blues, The Skyla Burrell blues band is the real deal in a solid package that stays true to the real meaning of their genre.

Being a full time blues band is harder these days because of the lack of places to play during the week. But this band maintains a full schedule. And seeing how there are so many blues bands out there, they must be well received and have many fans. Im familiar with one of the places that they play The Cats eye Pub in fells point which is in Baltimore, MD. Thats where Im originally from and I know that Baltimore knows good blues! And I can only imagine their response when Skyla opens up her pipes and lets her bluesy and very accurate voice fill the room! When I visit Baltimore later this year I defiantly want to look them up.

Most of our readers know that we are not into bios and mainly focus on the current day talents and impact of a band. But if you want to learn more about their background you can visit them on their web site listed at the bottom of the article. Thats also where you can order their new CD at a very reasonable price and leave them a nice message at the same time. And Im sure that the blues lovers out there wont be let down when they take a few moments to check out this very cool band that consist of Skyla Burrell on lead vocals & lead Guitar, Mark Tomlinson on lead guitar, Ezell Jones on Drums, and Chris Sellman on bass.

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