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From Russia: The Ranetki Girls

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JJ Rocks Article # 47: From Russia: The Ranetki Girls
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 9, June, 2007
Now heres an article that definitely fits with the international flavor of our website! Its about an all girl pop band from Moscow, Russia who is making their way to the top of the Russian music scene. They are showing that they love the freedom of musical expression, notoriety, and the one thing that fuels modern day pop bands, fame. Now of course that can define almost every garage band in the world. One of many things that make me want to tip my hat to this fine group of musicians is that they really show a love for establishing a connection with their listeners. And they accomplish that with great songwriting, energy, and superb musicianship. They are reaching for heights that have the historical equivalent of having to be the first band to land on the moon. They are defining the future of international entertainment while mapping out new musical directions. They are the Ranetki Girls!

Ill tell you right now that Im positive that this band has many young rockin pop groups trying to cook up their recipe on a garage band barbeque grill. And The Ranetki Girls have up and coming bands saying that its their incredible looks, or the way that they sing. But this writer has to say that when it comes to their ability to sound fresh, play with a high degree of polish, and show an incredible amount of charisma, The Ranetki Girls have found the secret formula!

Two of their songs have reached #1 in Russia and they are now becoming known outside of their country. With Lera on lead vocals and drums, Natasha and Anya on guitars, Genya on keys and Lena on bass, they create a line up that attracts the respect of all listeners of pop music. And add that the fact that they project an incredible amount of energy on stage you wind up with a band that has the ability to make their way into music history in not only their country, but hopefully the rest of the world. 

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