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From Italy: Ila

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JJ Rocks Article # 55: From Italy: Ila
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 11, August, 2007
Theres a new star on the rise who is taking the image of women in rock to a whole new level. She doesnt depend on mimicking the shaky voices of the modern day pop singer, nor does she rely upon the time tested formula of 3 chords pounding behind a biker chick image. Her approach is so tasteful that it demands attention from any level of musician while still maintaining a drive with an edge that cuts through any rock that falls in her way. And she does it all in Italian. Her name is Ila!

Hailing from Genova, Bergamo, Italy, Ila has a voice that delivers not only a pitch that I could tune my guitar by, but a texture that has the feel of someone who is totally in control of the music that is inside of her. And with an incredibly tight band behind her consisting of musicians Andy Ronchi on guitar, Teo Airoldie on bass, and Teo Marchese on drums, she highlights a group that has a sound so solid, it borders perfection. And at the same time they are balancing their values of taste and technique while producing very polished recordings that are only rivaled by the big record companies.

But all this would be a great loss of energy if it was without originality. So obviously Ive been saving the best for last. And of course that is the high quality of songwriting that comes out of this very beautiful woman from Italy. Ila has found a way to channel her feelings through her songs in a way that shows that her main concern is to emotionally and spiritually connect to her listening audience while still being able to nail them to the wall.

So Ila, we welcome you to our family of great featured musicians. And even though this publication is still very young, your article will always be in our August 2007 issue for all to read. You are also a shinning star in our international galaxy of musicians that keeps us looking up towards the skies of musical independence.

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