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From Canada: Dennis Paul

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JJ Rocks Article # 56: From Canada: Dennis Paul
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 11, August, 2007
Theres a cool breeze blowing in from the north that is carrying a hot sound that represents the true meaning of the independent rock artist. This artist seems to be carrying the torch that sets the standards for other independent Canadian rockers not only with his music, but in his motivation to spread his sound through the indie airwaves. He is the number one unsigned rock artist in Canada. And his name is Dennis Paul!

Denniss music has reached several number one spots on Indie radio and also on several independent band sites including the famous site for friends and musicians, My Space. And he does this not only by tedious networking, but having great music to back it up. We can honestly say that Dennis Paul creates a sound that is very recognizable but also very original. His music connects with the every day listener by having the drive of a famous classic rock band while at the same time demanding respect from the independent songwriting community. This is not an easy balance to maintain but Dennis seems to do it with ease.

So we welcome Dennis Paul to our very young but determined independent musical publication and we want to thank him for his contributions to the idea that great music should not be overlooked just because its not on all the record store shelves yet. Its because of musicians like Dennis Paul that the unsigned artist is finally starting to gain recognition. This man composes great music and rocks hard!

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