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From Maryland, USA: Crack the Sky

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JJ Rocks Article # 57: From Maryland, USA: Crack the Sky
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 11, August, 2007

There is one band, and one band only that I know of that really launched the independent music scene on the east coast of the good old USA. Im talking about a band that not only was getting local airplay on major stations, but a band that everyone in the Baltimore DC area took for granted was world famous at the time, and probably still does. This band has always had the ability to compete with any famous rock band on the planet. In my opinion this great band had the first alternative rock albums in east coast history. And these albums were and still are some of the greatest, most artistic, most original, and to say the least the most Kick Butt collections of rock music ever released. And for those who are not aware of this musical phenomenon, I want to introduce you to Crack the Sky!

So why havent many of you heard of Crack the Sky? I personally feel that they were flowers that blossomed way before their time. I hear many of the bands today and I often think Why is this incredible band not as well known as they should be? If they were to re-release their first few albums they could be a smash! This band was definitely ahead of their time and now is when we all should hear them. I know this because even though this is still a very young and growing publication, we are hearing bands from all over the world and I can honestly say that its time for this great band to rock their way into the hearts and souls of the modern day music lovers.

Even though I have friends in this band, and as a matter of fact Ive even played with this band once, it has nothing to do with this article except for the fact that I held off for a while writing it for those exact reasons. I didnt want my readers to think that Im writing this because I know and played with them. Or even the fact that I played with some of the members in other bands. But the time has come and I cant hold it in any longer. Crack the Sky is ready to fly and if we here at St. Croix Music Magazine can add one more feather to their wings, so be it.

So I just want to conclude by saying that this band has reached a level of quality that has no higher ground, because after that there are only lateral moves in which Crack the Sky has found their direction that only needs to be recognized by the masses.

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