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From New York, USA: Pillow Theory

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JJ Rocks Article # 63:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 13, October, 2007
Its nice to hear a group with such a great balance between music that takes an alternative route while still maintaining the direction of a modern day rock powerhouse. This band holds no punches while driving you to the wall with an energy that leaves you checking your pulse and trying to catch your breath. And even with all the musical competition coming from New York City I still believe that these guys will climb to the top of their field and plow their way into stardom. All you have to do is let them plant their musical seeds in your CD garden and Im sure that Pillow Theory will grow on you like they did on me.

have only had time to listen to the first song on their CD Outpatience completely and just scrolled through the rest of the recordings. And this writer cant wait to finish his articles for this month so he can sit back with a cold one and take in the entire musical package. But for now let me tell you that their song Jealous kicks hard and doesnt let up until the track is over. A very cool intro to what I know is going to be a great CD. And its available at So be the first on your block to have it in your collection!

This great band features Kelsey on vocals and guitar, Jon Cornell on bass, Danos Ettric on guitar, Ryan Bull on Keyboards and guitar, and Chris Benham on drums. We usually dont print bios of our bands because we only want to concentrate on their qualities. But you can read more about them and possibly hear them by visiting We also didnt get permission to feature one of their songs as a free download but soon our bands will be able to upload their music and bios to our magazine so Im hoping that you will be able to hear a sample of them here very soon.

So lets all welcome Pillow Theory to our first anniversary issue and I hope that they will be enjoyed by all the people from all the countries that have checked into our guestbook during our first year of publication.

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