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From China: Liu Fang

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JJ Rocks Article # 65: From China: Liu Fang

Every once in a while a musical artist comes along that defines what our Spotlight Zone article section is all about. And that is to bring you the finest independent musicians from around the world. And when we fine one that not only reaches the highest level of musicianship, but also represents the music that is from the country where she was born, it gives me the greatest pleasure that any writer could ever feel while creating an article for publication. I am so very, very proud to present to you the incredible Liu Fang from China!

When I first came upon her website and played her videos from a live concert I couldnt believe the high degree of musicianship that she was displaying. It must have taken an hour after I saw her perform for my goose bumps to disappear. First I saw her play the Chinese version of the lute called the Pipa. Then she sat in front of a long instrument that was in the Zither family called the Guzheng. It resembled a harp that lies flat and it appeared to be many years old. The sound was deep, sustaining and emotional. The Pipa was held upright and was played like a lute or guitar. But it was her technique and feeling that captured me the most.

Using all ten of her fingers she can play at speeds that would make any stringed instrument player drop there jaws in amazement. She displays calmness, dedication and discipline on her face that is like a musician who has played for many lifetimes, but to my surprise she is very young. And with a beauty that would tame any critical beast she captures her audience in a hypnotic trance and doesnt let them out until her performance has ended. Without a doubt Liu Fang is destine to become a legend and another chapter in the worlds musical history books.

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You can here her at this link: