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From Germany: Jazz Pistols

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JJ Rocks Article # 70: From Germany: Jazz Pistols

Being a teacher of guitar, bass, and drums, I have grown quite fond of this great trio from Germany called Jazz Pistols. They are extremely tight and perform with total precision while displaying a wonderful sense of adventurism that captures the listeners with each shot fired from their musical barrels. Its no wonder that they travel the world playing their unique style of jazz and gaining new fans at every show.

Its hard to know where to start with describing this great band. So let me tell you a little about their guitarist Stefan Ivan Schäfer. He is not just another guitar player with great chops. He is also very tasteful and creative with his phases as he executes them with the utmost precision. But I must emphasize the word creative because he is unlike many of the guitarist that Ive heard while searching for bands to write about. His playing keeps me on the edge of my seat because his lines contain many unexpected and unique twist and turns that draw my attention like a moth to a lamp.

Christoph Victor Kaiser is a great bassist who lays down grooves that are so tight that you can hear split seconds of silence in between the notes from his very polished and articulate right hand attack, while his left hand plays with an incredible amount of musical inventiveness. And being with a trio his tone has just the right amount of fullness and clarity to enhance the overall sound of the group. He also does a superb job of locking in with their Drummer and cooking up hot grooves that are so important to the sound of this fine band.

Thomas Lui Ludwig has got to be one of the best drummers on the independent music scene. He has the finesse of Buddy Rich and Lenny White on his snare while at the same time creates the excitement of Billy Cobham and Dennis Chambers on his kick and toms. I love this guys drumming! And please allow me to use the word tasteful one more time because I just cant seem to pull my ears away from listening to his very creative patterns, grooves, and fills that rival any of the great drummers on this planet.

So Jazz Pistols, we welcome you to our international website and we know that any musicians out there who read about you and use your link to listen to your sound will not be disappointed.

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You can hear them at this link::