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From Netherlands: Kim Hoorweg

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JJ Rocks Article # 72: From Netherlands: Kim Hoorweg

There is a shining star from Holland that defies the gravitational pulls of being like the modern day bland pop/jazz vocalists that infect the internet. Her voice has the tone of an angel and the polish of a jazz legend. And when I first heard her sing I kept replaying her songs over and over with sheer delight. Her name is Kim Hoorweg and she is incredible!

With her father being a jazz pianist and her mom a musical therapist, Kim was surrounded by music from an early age. This must have had a great impact on the development of her great ear for perfection in her intervals and vocal tone. Because not only does she have a heavenly sweetness to her voice but also very precise intonation that especially shines when she is scat singing though complex harmonic changes. To say the least this writer was blown away and very anxious to have her spotlighted on this website.

Kim is very popular and respected in the Netherlands jazz music scene where she has performed with many musicians in venues including large concerts with orchestras. And anyone who loves an extremely high vocal quality that can take you through musical phases that can only be rivaled by instrumental virtuosos will definitely love Kim Hoorweg. Trust me.

So Kim, we are honored to feature you in our musical reviews and we want you to know that you are a shining example of the quality and talent that we search so hard to find and write about. Thank you for your wonderful voice and high standards of musical achievement that make us want to keep on supporting independent musicians!

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