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From Maryland, USA: Mike Gallaher

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JJ Rocks Article # 73:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 18, March, 2008
Being a guitarist that has played for years sometimes these days I find it hard to write about another guitarist that isnt famous like Pat Martino, Danny Gatton, Joe Pass, or Brent Mason. Maybe its because I just havent seen or heard of someone that I would call a guitar hero in several years. But there is one guy that I remember from Baltimore many years ago and since he just blew me away at the time I decided to research his name and find out what he was up to. As it turns out he has been traveling the globe and playing with a few very famous people like Leon Russell and several others that you can read about when you click onto his link below this article. The name of this great guitarist is Mike Gallaher and he is definitely worth checking out if you love the guitar.

I first met Mike at an audition for a top 40 band by the name of Shane around 1972. The band was not very good but they were offering money so we both showed up. Mike played first and I remember saying to myself that I wasnt going to get the gig because he was playing so good and using techniques that were beyond me at the time. But as it turned out I got the gig because I also sang and played with more of a rock style which was what they were looking for. So I guess it worked out for the better because not only was Mike to good for that band but shortly after that he also turned up in Baltimores hottest band at the time called Trilogy. He was playing for much larger crowds than I was and in the company of some of Baltimores finest musicians which he deserved.

Later I heard that Mike left not only Trilogy but also Baltimore. And then that great band called me to play guitar for them and I spent several wonderful years playing in the areas finest clubs and touring the country. But I always wondered what ever happened to this master of a guitarist that blew me away. And Im very happy to find out how good he is doing! I will always remember his very original sounding licks and great fluid chops and Im proud to write about him.

So lets all welcome Mike Gallaher to our family of great independent musicians, and Im sure that anyone in the 57 countries that read this publication will be glad that they checked him out at his link below this article. He is an incredible guitarist that you will always remember. I have.

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