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From Colorado, USA: Sharp Tooth Benny

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JJ Rocks Article # 74:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 18, March, 2008
have always had a fondness for a band that has that hometown local blues/ rock band sound. And sometimes in between writing about the fineness of a classy jazz band or the uniqueness of a progressive rock trio I often find myself listening to a band that reminds me of the cold beer and green pool tables from my younger days back in the states. Im talking about a group that plays the basic meat and potatoes of what going to a bar and hearing a local blues/rock band is all about. And with the grit and soul of a great Saturday night out this band sticks to the basic rule of laying it down and having a good time without the flash of modern day trend setters or the experimentation of want to be groundbreakers. To put it plainly, Sharp Tooth Benny is a great example of a down to earth band that you would enjoy at your local pub and I think the world needs more bands like them.

Their influences seem to range from tradition blues to classic rock and their sound is a timeless combination of drive, simplicity, and communication through a medium that is familiar to anyone who wants to have a good time without all the frills of the pre packaged pop stars that seem to infect our every day life. I feel that Sharp Tooth Benny is without a doubt a real everyday people band that makes us aware of our roots and distracts us from lifes sometimes musically complex and over commercialized sound.

With MikeScooby Jesus McLaury on guitar, vocal and drums, Terry Phat B Sheppard on bass guitar and vocals, Noah Boom Boom Bloom on drums, Little Man Tate Sanderson on lead guitar, and Tim The Teacher Fennell on lead guitar, they have put together a cool CD called Slinky Sounds for Reptilian Lovers. This band obviously has a great combination of talent and friendship that defines having a good time and Im sure that it reflects on their audiences. And I hope that they continue to pursue their very recognizable sound and follow in the footsteps of other artist who want to keep up tradition and create sounds that will never die in the hearts of the true classic blues/ rocks lovers.

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