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From Australia: Bruce Boyd

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JJ Rocks Article # 75:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 18, March, 2008
The key word here is mood and when it comes in a pristine package of mandolin, Dobro, dulcimer, clean electric guitars and synthesizers that seem to ride along gentle surf, it all comes together to be a very talented gentleman from the south coast of western Australia named Bruce Boyd. And with his blend of Celtic, folk and easy going blues you can be sure of having a musical atmosphere thats well worth entering.

His gentle well thought out phrasing and instrumental articulation is something that not only the average music lover will appreciate, but also would get respect from any musician who is attracted to pureness and authenticity. The music that he plays is heartfelt and sincere and comes with great design and care. And the fact that he seems to be on the other side of the fence from bland commercialism and pop culture is gratefully received by this publication that is always in search of the real musical McCoy.

The music that I heard by Bruce is well worth having in your CD collection if you are looking for something to play when you get in the mood to escape from lifes everyday pressures. His up tempo Celtic pieces will get your foot tapping and his softer mood arrangements will sit you back calmly in your seat and drift you away into relaxation.

So Bruce we welcome you to our family of Spotlight zone musicians and we know that many of our readers in the 57 countries that our small island music magazine reaches we enjoy your fine musical efforts. Peace from paradise!

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