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Musically Speaking: Teachers

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JJ Rocks Article # 76: Teachers
In my opinion one of the shortest routes to a small amount of human immortality is to teach, and it just doesn't pertain to music. And the best teachers are the ones who dont realize that fact. They only teach because thats what is in their hearts. I know this because of the results of teaching and the praises from those who have benefited from my efforts. Without those comments I would just be so consumed with the love of sharing my musical knowledge that I would never realize the impact that it has on another person. And I also feel that real teachers are never ending students always learning on a daily basis with a passion that blinds them from the attractions of material possessions and selfish capitalism. Their values reside on a different level from those whose dreams are centered on climbing the corporate ladder or becoming a recognizable personality. But this is no excuse for many teachers in all forms of mental disciplines to be underpaid and under appreciated. This is an unfortunate fact of life and should be unacceptable by anyone who has gained a new ability from another human being.

I find it odd that when many of us look back into our past we can remember the names of more of our teachers that we can of our childhood friends. But when we do our friends seem to be fun memories and the teachers are just taken for granted. But fortunately this does not blow the wind out of the sails for the teachers who are now only names on a list of memories because they know that its par for the course when it comes to dedicating your life to enlightening others. I just find it ironic that we all benefit from the growth nurtured by these individuals and still wont pay homage to the ones who planted the seeds. But as some of us turn into towering trees and others grow only to fall into an empty forest, the dedicated teachers of the world stand with pride ready to sow life into another hopeful prospect.

Somebody once said Those who teach cant. But the only thing that they cant do is find the time to be self centered and pull themselves away from what they were put on this earth to do. And that is to try their best to rid the world of any kind of inabilities that may get in the way of someones dreams, ambitions, and determination to become more aware of the world around them so they can find their way through the darkness brought upon by ignorance.

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