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From France: Warattah

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JJ Rocks Article # 78: From France: Warattah
The almighty power of heavy metal music has given birth to a title wave of thrashing guitars, ball busting bass, locomotive strength drums, and vocals that slam you against the wall and leave you asking for more. The explosions of sound they create can be heard all the way from their hometown in Bordeaux, France to the far reaches of the earth. All you have to do is listen for a band called Warattah.

After they kindly left us a message in the guestbook at our old site and I checked out their music, I knew right away that I had to write about them. This band is so tight and so very powerful that youll find yourself forgetting to breathe as you are reaching for the arms of the chair trying to hold on as if you were on a roller coaster. This band should be the poster child for metal musicians around the world who want to have a goal to reach that displays articulation, polish and professionalism, and a down right kick ass sound that takes no prisoners.

Warattah consist of Khris on guitar and vocals, Cyril on bass, Xav on drums, and Denis on second guitar for their live shows. And believe me, after hearing so many metal bands that dont quite cut it coming into our site, these guys are a breath of fresh air when it comes to brain melting metal mania. And the cool thing is that they perform it with class and perfection. Thats very rare.

So lets all welcome Warattah to our family of international independent bands by visiting them on their site and listening to them lay down a monstrous groove that metal heads will enjoy falling into.

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Here is a link to their music: