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From Melbourne Australia: Broken Scar

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JJ Rocks Article # 79: From Melbourne Australia: Broken Scar

Its very rare that a band would  join my site that I would consider prime candidates for a hit album. But I was blown away by a group from Malaysia that basically revolves around the singing and songwriting talents of one man. And even though his backup band plays with the finest precision, this article is centered on the true genius of a modern day poet, very creative and superb musician/ singer/ songwriter, and the music that he creates. His name is Kevin Teh and I am honored to write about him and his band Broken Scar.

Immediately after listened to his music I was wondering why he wasnt famous already. Its very obvious to me that Broken Scar is as good or better that any modern day rock/alternative band on the market and anyone who hears them would probably ask Why isnt this band a household name? So in my heart Im hoping that these words Im typing will at least add something to a recognition that Kevin and his group deserve and should have. And with that kind of quality I have no doubt that it will come their way.

I could compare Kevin and his music to other already famous bands, but as a writer thats not my style. But I can say that as I close my eyes I can imagine his songs and incredible voice blasting from every collage dorm from around the globe. Its only a matter of time because music like this usually carves out its own staircase to international recognition.

The music from Broken Scar has the quality that makes me want to get up in the morning and write with a smile on my face because it represents that kind of songwriting and musicianship that oils the gears of this website. You should definitely check out this very high level example of musical craftsmanship and songwriting excellence.

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