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From Germany: Monica Meneses

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JJ Rocks Article # 80: From Germany: Monica Meneses

When it comes to a female vocalist who has the voice of an angel, there is one whose voice seems to float on a cloud of purity and tone unrivaled by any of the current pops stars on the market. Her genre is Spanish pop and she is from Germany. This incredible singers name is Monica Meneses and The Spotlight Zone is honored to feature her in our articles section.

When I first heard her I thought that she must already be a star in Germany because of her polished voice and professional arrangements. But it seems that she is an independent musician/singer so I jumped at the chance to write about her because its the rising stars that we publish articles about. And I can see no reason why she doesnt go all the way to the top in her genre. Thats because she has all the ingredients that it take to push forward through the tough world of musical notoriety and get heard by the gears that run the music industry. With talent like hers its just a matter of time.

Usually I will point my readers in the direction of the site that a musician can be heard on to read their bios. But since Monicas bio is on different site than her music, I thought I would break our normal tradition of not printing bios and let you read what I have retrieved on her life and musical goals. So here is what I read.

Mónica Meneses was born in Caracas, Venezuela. From a very early age on she enjoyed singing a lot, using a hairbrush or a bottel of fingernail polish as a microphone and a improvisational stage, imitating her favorite artists.

Ever since her childhood Mónica was writing melodies and songs about her life and fantasies, about happiness and melancholy, about everything she witnessed in her surroundings, and about all that she had gone through and about everything that was still to come.

In 1997, she took her first official steps in the music world by taking lessons in the renowned music school Jose Angél Lamas in Caracas. She studied music theory as well as some percussion and piano. Additionally, she became an art major at Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1999.

Although she always dreamed of becoming a lead singer, she only sang in choirs until she joined a pop-rock band in 1999, with which she performed on various occasions at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and other educational institutions. It was in this little band that she realized once and for all that the great passion of her life was singing on a stage. At the end of the year 2000, she also joined a salsa band, gathering more and more experience of singing in front of larger audiences.

Nowadays, Mónica lives in . She studied music pedagogy for a couple of semesters at the Konservatorium in Cottbus, passing the entrance examination for pop vocals with flying colors. In addition, she took some more piano classes. Subsequently, she moved to Braunschweig where she graduated as bachelor of arts (B.A) in pedagogy in 2006.

In 2007, Mónica was given a great opportunity when she met the musician and producer Carsten Schneider. With him she realized her most recent works of music as singer and songwriter. The first song she recorded was El mundo gira, a romantic ballad that talks about the troubles of human life and the necessity to make the most of it while you can. The second title was Mueve tus caderas, a light-hearted pop track that invites you to dance.

Mónica Meneses is currently working on new songs to compile a demo CD, which will hopefully get the attention of the music industry and help her fulfill her dream: to sing to the whole world!
We are proud to have Monica Meneses as a member of our family of independent musicians and we know that our readers from around the world will love her awesome voice and music. Discovering artist like Monica fuels the fire of our website and gives us faith in the international independent musical world.

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