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Musically Speaking: Harmony in Life

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JJ Rocks Article # 81: Harmony in Life
When many people think of harmony they picture a group of singers like the Beatles or the Mamas and Papas. Now of course this is a very good example of harmony but its only a small piece of the actual meaning of the word. And I find it very interesting to compare musical harmony with nature and the universe. This seems to be something that is overlooked in this modern day of self indulgence and material possessions because the things that most people want in life are also the same things that place the out of tune notes into lifes natural harmony and balance. And I think that it is obvious to everyone but not important enough to take off our blinders that keep us focused on our inner selves that demand to have more than the next person.

Its not hard to see the balance that exists from the tiny atom to the planets and solar systems. This is a natural harmony that didnt happen just by chance. And if you think about it we as humans are the only creatures in the history of the earth the have offset the natural harmony that has been created for us by an almighty power that is beyond description and conception. Somehow we have broken the boundaries of what used to be the normal comforts that dreams and crossed into excessive desires that hold no bars when it comes to how it will affect the other humans on our planet. This self centered attitude has caused wars and death, pollution, jobs lost to others who are not as greedy, and a total disrespect for our brothers and sisters living on our great earth who are just trying to make it though this short life with a little bit of happiness.

But on the brighter side there is still perfect harmony in music. And the reason is because music can not exist without it. If you look at the major scale and notice its perfect alignment and realize that you can combine the notes in many configurations and still have wide varieties of chords, you will then see that its a natural example of how we can live our lives in harmony and still have our own individually. And because of the fact that perfect harmony relies on the notes in a chord being not only in tune with each other but also not over powering the others, music might be one of the only elements left on earth that can lay down the blueprints of how life should be lived. So maybe there is a great lesson to be learned from the ones who make music because the way things are going it might wind up being the only harmony left in the world.

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