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From Texas, USA: Days Drive

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JJ Rocks Article # 83:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 20, May, 2008
While sustaining a balance between a classic punk sound and a modern day alternative rock band, this band from Houston Texas has found the perfect recipe between what is recognizable and still totally original. They seem to walk the straight line of musical identity while still maintaining an adventurism that has this writer very anxious to type away! They pump out a huge amount of sound for being only 3 pieces and we are proud to have them in our musical family. This great band is called Days Drive!

Consisting of members Brian Warwick on vocals, guitar, and keys, Jason Killen on bass, and Andy Klueh on drums, Days Drive delivers a massive wall of sound with textures ranging from the simplicity of a straight forward alternative rock band to complexities that rival U2 and The Police. And with their highly polished vocals, creative guitar playing, rock solid bass, and tasteful drumming, these guys sound like they should already be well known by every college dorm across the US. And I have to say that my favorite song by them is Listen to the Rain, but it was a hard decision because each song has its own special sound and original theme. And when you consider the fact they their sound is very professional, creative, and powerful, there is no doubt in my mind that Days Drive will be a famous band one day.

I urge all of our readers who love alternative rock to visit them at their link below and tell them that you heard about them in our very first Spotlight Zone USA column. Youll be glad you did!

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