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From Wisconsin, USA: Sajida

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JJ Rocks Article # 84:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 20, May, 2008
Its time to turn down the lights and sit back and listen to one of the sweetest and soulful voices to ever reach this publication. And with velvet smooth tone and texture Sajida delivers true heartfelt emotion with every lyric that she sings. Its only a matter of time before her music is heard across the airwaves and traveling into places where people want an atmosphere of warm coffee with a dash of cream while chilling out after a long day. This type of setting would not be complete without the music of this fine artist from Madison, Wisconsin.

I personally feel that her music is all about setting the perfect mood. One where there is no stress and free of the everyday struggles and turmoils that we all go though in day to day life. When I listen to her sing I feel as if Im floating on a magic carpet of soul and serenity. She has a way of getting right to your heart with each turn of her melodies and lyrics that get you to feel the same emotions that she is feeling. And with a voice that demands respect from any great R+B singer or musician, she will also impress you with her fine vocal articulation, mellow bluesy turns, melodic passages, and most of all her finely tuned professional quality. To say the least, Sajida is a great singer!

So lets all welcome her to our first Spotlight Zone USA column that will be read in 58 countries by visiting her at the website link below. Just dont forget to dim the lights, kick off your shoes, and be ready to be whisked away by a soft breeze of soulful R+B that will leave you wanting more.

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