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From Mississippi, USA: Affiliated

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JJ Rocks Article # 85:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 20, May, 2008
There are strong messages coming out of Jackson Mississippi that are being heard all the way down to this tiny island in the Caribbean. They speak of the realism and everyday lives and times of the black community while communicating through layers of strong rhythms, multi dimensional musical themes, and top notch musicianship in the field of Hip Hop. And with a uniqueness that separates them from most of the other musical groups in their genre, Affiliated has a sound that expresses many ideas and themes packaged by highly polished and creative arrangements.

I was very impressed by the way Affiliated uses overlapping themes of sweet soulful female vocals, original sounding grooves, and hard core rap with deep meaning to create an incredible depth to their sound. They have crossed over the boundaries that surrounded the average straight drum machine and rapper into fresh ground where they have planted their own seeds of creativity and exploration. It reminds me of when there was straight groovin funk like the Ohio Players and Cool and the Gang, (who I liked at the time) and then came Earth, Wind and Fire who took me into a whole other world of class and complex musical tapestries. And now years later Affiliated has me feeling the same way about their music compared to the average Hip Hop that has been on the airwaves. They have taken their genre to a new level.

So if any of you out there in our 58 countries like ground breaking Hip Hop, please visit them by using their link at the bottom of this article and tell them where you read about their great accomplishments. Im sure that they will get you Affiliated with their music.

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